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Steel FC 2 - 1 All Stars United (MD)

Steel FC 2 - 1 All Stars United (MD)

4/11 USASA Region One Amateur Cup Tournament - Round One No Offseason Sports @ 12:00 PM

Steel FC 2 - 1 All Stars United (MD)

This was the first round of the USASA Region One Amateur Cup and we were lucky enough to host it. We welcomed in powerhouse team, All Stars United, from Maryland. ASU played in the 2nd division of the Maryland Majors in 2019 where they quickly rose to the top and eventually won that division. In 2020 they moved up to the first division where they have been competitive. Comprised of mostly Ghanaian players, this was a gritty and physical battle for 90 minutes. Through our hard work, discipline, and a little bit of luck, we came away with a 2-1 victory. From the whistle this game became physical. Late tackles here, crunching challenges there, and just an overall unfriendly atmosphere, we battled ASU for our victory. Our first opportunity came in the 3rd minute when ASU was applying heavy pressure to our back line. As the pressure mounted, their back line was stationed in our own half with both their RB and LB even further up the pitch. Our break came when a cleared ball was hammered all the way up the field. Due to their back line and their players playing so high up, Jesse Scheirer was able to run onto the ball for the counterattack. He beat his man all the way down the pitch and into the middle of their goalbox where he slammed on the breaks, cut it back, and played a cross to our LW, Lewis Osborne. Osborne took a touch inside and curled a shot that just missed the back of the net and went out for a goal kick. However, 2 minutes later, nearly the exact same scenario replayed. Once again they were attempting to play a high line and crowd our back line and midfield. However, this time, a turnover by them found the feet of our CDM, Matt Bischoff. Bischoff had just enough time to pick his head up and play a through ball that cut through their CB and and LB and found the feet of Osborne. Osborne took a big touch down the left side and saw Scheirer streaking towards the back post. Osborne put a powerful cross in that avoided everyone except Scheirer. Scheirer slid feet first towards the ball and hammered it home. 1-0 us in the 5th minute. After we scored the heat of the game only began to rise. Both teams were handed yellow cards and it got chippy. They got one back on a soft PK call when our RW, Brandon Siringer, shielded their left winger from getting the ball in our box and allowing for our keeper to calmly pick it up. However, the ASU player took a dive and the referee blew his whistle for a PK, claiming Siringer tripped him. This, of course, was a terrible call but nevertheless they scored on the PK to make it 1-1. As the intensity remained at a high, our CB, Ethan Shula, took control and gave us the lead once again in the 37th minute. We had possession on and off and eventually the ball found the feet Osborne on the left. Seeing an opportunity to get up the field, Shula made a 60 yard run from his CB spot and split their CB and RB all while receiving a perfectly weighted pass from Osborne. With only the keeper to beat, Shula took a touch and slotted the ball home putting us up 2-1. We would go into halftime with that score The second half only brought more yellow cards to both teams and an even bigger physical aspect to the game. Tempers flared and their travelling fans started to degrade and verbally assault our players. We had 2 injuries occur and were fighting with everything we had for the win. They poured on loads of pressure trying to find the equalizer but a little luck went our way and our team stood strong. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, the final whistle was blown and we escaped with a 2-1 victory.

Goals: Scheirer, Shula Assists: Osborne (2)

Our next game is as follows: 5/2 USASA Region One Amateur Cup Tournament - Quarterfinal Round Steel FC vs West Chester United (EPA) Highmark Stadium @ 12:30 PM

Game Footage (black) -

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