Usasa region one soccer tournament

-  April 28, 2019. Defeated 5 time USASA Region One Soccer Champion, Christos FC (MD) 1-0 in the quarter-finals.

-  May 19, 2019. Defeated NPSL team, Philadelphia Lonestar FC (PA) 4-1 in the semi-finals.

- June 15, 2019. Runner up by a 0-2 scoreline to Connecticut Soccer League Champion, Newtown     Pride FC (CT).


- September 21, 2019. Defeated UPSL Southeast Conference Champions, Germantown City FC (MD), 3-1 in the first qualifying round.

- October 20, 2019. Defeated 6 time GPSL Champions, Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (PA), 3-1 in the second qualifying round.

- November 24, 2019. Made it to the 3rd round of Qualifying. Beaten by Christos FC (MD) by a score of 2-3.

Steel city super cup

- August 1st-2nd, 2020. Placed 3rd in this tournament. Defeated Deportivo Club de Districtonia (MD) and NNK FC (VA).     Lost to Livonia City (MI) and FC Arsenal LaComarca (PA) in penalty kicks.